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Jumat, 05 Desember 2008


Now, let we create ipod nano using corel draw x4. This is a very cool gadget and simple design but we will create it eye catching, maybe next time you will need this trick to make your own advertising brochure about gadget. :)

Let's start the lesson !

1. Draw rectangle using rectangle tool, then fill it with gray colour

2. With object still selected, click outline tool in toolbar, select none, to remove the outline

3. Click shape tool in toolbar, then drag inside a little in the rectangle, to make the corner more smooth

4. Make again one rectangle on the top

5. Click fill then fountain fill, change the property like in the picture below

6. Select none again to remove the outline

7. Now, create a ellipse using ellipse tool, remove the fill colour, and change the outline width to 0.4 pt

8. Click ctrl c + ctrl v to ellipse tool, then using shift and scrool, make mini ellipse

9. Now, make more ellipse to decorate i pod

10. Copy paste the ellipse, you can easily copy paste after group it (arrange- group)
11. Decorate it, you can use arrange- shaping intersect menu too.

Happy designing :)
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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2008

how to make water bubble using photoshop

Ever see the banner with floating water bubble like the image on the left before?

This tutorial will teach how to make water bubble popping out from water. It will also create ridge's on the water below the bubble. It's using step by step tutorial, so it'll easier for you to learn.

Follow the step's :
1. Create 2 new layer

2. On the toolbar, activate the ellipse tool and change the colour to blue

3. Create circle on layer 1, and ellipse on layer 2 (using the ellipse tool)

4. Activate rectangular marquee tool on toolbox

5. Select layer 2, use rectangular marquee by drag it on ellipse

6. While rectangular marquee tool still activated, click menu filter-distort-polar coordinates. Choose rectangular to polar and click OK

7. Click menu filter-distort-zigzag. Change the number like the pic, then click OK

8. now click add a layer style-inner glow (to give colour effect)

9. Change the number like on the pic, then click OK

10. Now, select layer 1. Use move tool if you think that your circle is not on the appropriate position

11. Click add a layer style-bevel and emboss

12. Change the number like on the pic, then click OK

Now, your bubble ready to use. Don't forget to save it =3

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Senin, 15 September 2008

Creating Image Text Using PHOTOSHOP

Now we want to learn how making image in a text in Photoshop.
This will be like like this:

Lets just start the step to make it
1. Open the image in photoshop (default photoshop size)

2. Create new layer

3. Open notepad, and start to type, then copy it

4. Move layer 2 in the top of layer 1

5. Set the font properties, colour: white, size:12, and u pick text style

6. Create block using horizontal type tool (to make text area), then paste the text from notepad

7. Copy paste the text, set the size (ctrl + t), make it comfortable in eye. You can also make new text using horizontal type tool

8. Merge all the text in layer 2 (using ctrl + e)

9. Activate layer 1, then hold ctrl + left click on layer 2 to make selection

10.Click add layer mask, then click the visibility on layer 1

11.This is the result

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thank you very much, meet again in next tutorial :)
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Rabu, 10 September 2008

Cloth design for sale

Buy my t-shirts
T-shirt with my own design for sale!
Click the thumbnail above for detail. I only design, but about the payment etc u will meet my mediator. ( the quality of print, cloth, is good)
Our main office is in Melbourne:
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Selasa, 09 September 2008


Now, we want to make spotlight on city in the night.
We will use FLASH to complete this tutorial.
The example is like this:

The spotlight will cover the city building, shine on the make the city live. Let's start to learn the tutor now

Step 1
Make new document on Flash

Step 2
This is the work field we will be use

Step 3
Click rectangle tool on toolbox and change fill color and stroke color into black

Step 4
Minimize the work field using ctrl and - (hold together)
Make the rectangle fill all the work field (drag it to make rectangle)

Step 5
Make new layer

Step 6
Activate brush tool, change color into white and change the brush size and brush shape

Step 7
Make sure activate the new layer (in mine is layer 3), and using brush tool draw the city like the example below

Step 8
-Make new layer again and named it layer 4 (double click on the text beside layer to change the name)
-Activate oval tool

Step 9
Draw oval tool outside left beside the work field on layer 4 (new layer we created before)

Step 10
-on the frame number 25 (look at the image), hold left click and drag till the 3 frame vertically selected
-Then, while the frame selected, right click and select insert frame.

Step 11
If step 10 done correctly, the timeline will look like this (notes: the frame allocated in timeline, based on second, the number above frame)

Step 12
-Activate selection tool
-Now on the frame 13 (between 10 and 15), left click then right click and select insert key frame
note: key frame used to make the different frame from before, different frame can use to make different image.

Step 13
Then make key frame again like in step 12, but now make key frame on frame 25

Step 14
Activate layer 4 and choose frame 13 (first keyframe), then using move tool, move the circle to the workfield by hold left click and drag it, like in the example below.

Step 15
Just like in step 14, now in frame 25 layer 4, move again the circle to left side of workfield.

Step 16
-on layer 4, hold left click and select frame 1 till frame 25 to select it. Then, right click and select create motion tween.
-It will look like the example

Step 17
Now, let's give it a try, control-test movie

Step 18
It will look like the white circle moving through the city

Step 19
Close the movie, then click layer 4, then right click and select mask
note :make sure the exact position, layer 4(top),layer3(middle),layer2(bottom)
if not, it will not work correctly.

Step 20
if you did step 1-19 correctly, it should like this

Step 21
Test it again, control-test movie

Step 22
To export itu, u can use many different file types, but for now i used gif.
file- export movie- select file type (gif)

This will look like this:

Enjoy, and use your creativity to improve this trick!

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